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Charles Sauer : About the Maker

Charles Sauer learned to break and ride horses, while still a child and went on to be a successful bull rider in local rodeos. His interests included showing award-winning livestock and he received numerous awards for horsemanship at local and state level 4H competitions. His interest in pre 1835 Mountainman Rendezvous sparked an interest in black powder guns and knife making. What started out as a hobby about fifteen years ago, has turned into a very successful career as a Bladesmith. Charles has risen far above his humble beginnings on a small working ranch in Central Texas.  After completing his service in the US Army and a degree in Criminal Justice from Texas A&M University, he set his sights on Montana. Charles learned to forge his own Damascus steel and combine a variety of exotic handle materials with his original designs for knives of all sizes. He has taken pride in creating a product that others will use, collect and be proud to own.


Charles has traveled extensively from his former home in Montana to participate in the top knife and gun shows in the country. He maintained a table at The Blade Show East in Atlanta, Georgia for the past ten years. Charles is the first and only knifemaker invited to the The Vintager's Cup Championship in Pinetail Point, Maryland and the New York Game Conservancy at Hudson Farm. He has also been a booth holder at the Safari Club International in Reno, Nevada for the last five years. These prestigious gatherings are just a few of the honors he has received. His knives have been featured in trade publications including the top periodical Blade Magazine, The Knife Annual, Knives Illustrated, Tactical Knives, Knife World, and Messer Magazine in Germany.


Most of his recent knife creations have been purchased by collectors and hunters from Europe and Africa for the last five years. His Damascus steel has been a favorite of Purdey Firearms of London, England and the oldest gun makers in the world, Sauer Guns of Germany. His custom made Damascus steel has been used by custom gun makers for scope rings, floor plates, grip caps, receivers, and butt plates.


The hot summers on the ranch in Texas were mild in comparison to the cold harsh winters, five minutes away from Glacier National Park, in Montana. When Charles developed cancer in the retina of one eye and subsequently lost it, he could have given up his successful career and put aside his tools in self-pity. In the face of adversity, he rose to the challenge and actually improved his craft. In the spring of 2008 he relocated to Prescott, AZ and has found a place to call home closer to his family in Phoenix. He believes Prescott to be the perfect location to branch out and add custom spurs and bits in addition to his famous knives. He will continue to fill custom knife orders and rely on Paul Long in Kerrville, Texas to collaborate with beautiful hand tooled leather sheaths. Quite coincidently Charles has recently teamed up with the noted horseman and metal smith, Jesse Torgerson, to perpetuate some of the spur and bit designs Jesse is no longer able to produce. Jesse suffered from a series of physical misfortunes that has limited him to working with a variety of silver, brass and copper. He currently devotes his time to the creation of fine western jewelry, conchos, belt buckles and other custom designs.


Charles is currently limiting his knives to custom orders only to make time for the production of custom Damascus spurs. Charles is producing the very first "Snakeskin" bridge cable Damascus spurs. This was thought to be impossible and had never been attempted. He will also offer spurs in other forms of Damascus and Mosaics. Charles will branch out into a variety of styles from many periods in history. His goal is to create a series of beautiful and functional spurs that will be hand forged, heat treated, and customized in a variety of patterns and finishes. He will also be studying the Hammer and Chase engraving method with Norvall Foster of Marion, Texas to further embellish his spurs and knives. All the work produced by Charles is warranted and satisfaction is guaranteed to please even the most discriminating client. 


To make an appointment with Charles, please contact him via email


My philosophy is simple: Let me build you a knife you'll use! I build my knives so that they may last for several generations and I make sure every knife that leaves my shop is one of a kind. I have several patterns from which to choose, but no two are ever the same. I make my own Damascus by hand in several different patterns. The steels I use, in several different variations are: 52100, L6, 1080, 1084, 15N20, and 5160. CPM S30V is the only stainless steel I use. I use all of these types of steel for their toughness and durability. Any knives that are not my Damascus, and are of one common steel, will be put through the forging process and heat treated or zone tempered. I do all my own hand forging, by traditional methods, and heat treat personally for quality assurance.

All my work is warranted as long as I am able to work, and if you purchase one of my knives I will sharpen it for free, any time you drop by. So enjoy the site, and keep your powder dry!

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